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CDF One helps you to automatically collect and structure your incoming deals, and draw the key insights, so that you can spend more time on finding the next unicorn.

What is CDF One?

CDF One is a web application, that helps you run your operations more efficiently. It allows you to:
  • Create lead forms to collect startup applications
  • Import your existing database
  • Build your own structured database of relevant startups
  • Collaborate with your team and external partners to assess the incoming deal
  • Analyse your dealflow including your selection criteria
  • Manage your projects
With CDF One, you always keep control over your proprietary database.

For whom is it?

You're in the right spot, if you:
  • run an accelerator or incubator program,
  • manage applications for a startup award,
  • are part of an angel investing group
  • analyzing deals as a team member of a VC

"CDF One allows us to quickly surface the relevant startups for our program."

Last modified 2yr ago