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The dashboard is the first screen you see after logging in.


Dashboard view (1/2)


This is the area where your questionnaire (s) are hosted. Furthermore you can set up a new questionnaire and import data directly to your database.


See your dealflow and applications during the last weeks and months. Check how many applications are still unsighted (not yet rated) and how many were already reviewed.


Set-up your own deal funnel and see which startups are in which stage.

Selection criteria

All your startups are analyzed based on your personal selection criteria. Those criteria help you to better filter your dealflow. The criteria show you how many startups fulfill your criteria.


Dashboard view (2/2)
Scrolling down the main dashboard you have the option to add some more dashboards to analyse your dealflow. Those dashboards are linked to your selection criteria. Blue writing means that those characteristics are choosen as selection criteria.
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