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Import data
Beside the questionnaire to get leads, you can also directly import existing data sets into your CDF One database.
Please note: Only admins are allowed to import data sets.
Go to the Dashboard, there you will find the section "Questionnaire". Choose "Import dataset" and you will be guided to the import assistant.

Data import assistant

In order to successfully submit a document, you have to prepare your dataset. Make sure to only use correct description labels in the table header. The best way to proceed with this is to use our header assistant. This tool creates a custom CSV file for you, which you can fill with your corresponding data points.
Open our assistant or view a sample file

Table Header

Choose the type of information and data you want to import and download your custom CSV file.

Upload your CSV

Upload your finished CSV file and your data set will be imported into your database.
Upload or drag 'n' drop your file
After uploading submit the file

See your results

Your dataset is now showcased in the Results part. You can either see the startups in the section "All" or you choose the tab "Imported". From here you can see the startups profile by clicking "View Profile".
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