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Set up a questionnaire
Once you logged in to CDF One, you have the possibility to create custom questionnaires.
Please note: Only admins are allowed to create new questionnaires.

Adding a new form

Go to the Dashboard, there you will find the section "Questionnaire". Choose "Add new form" and you will be guided to the form builder.
Click the "Add new form" button

CDF Form Builder

Now you are at the form builder. There you have the possibility to set your individual questionnaire.
  1. 1.
    Give your form a title. This title will appear at the start of the questionnaire.
  2. 2.
    Add a description or any information that helps the applicants.
  3. 3.
    Now, choose the questions you want to ask. We already have a number of pre-selected best-practice questionnaires in specified areas. You can select the questions by ticking the box on the left. Furthermore, you can choose if the answer to the question is required or optional.
Get started with your questionnaire
If there are questions that you want to ask but are not represented in our pre-selection, you can set your own questions. You can choose between:
  • Text
  • Dropdown
  • Radio Buttons (single selection)
  • Checkboxes (multiple selection)
As a last step, please indicate if the startup should upload their pitchdeck.
Define custom questions and pitchdeck upload

Customize your questionnaire

As a last step we offer you to customize your questionnaire according to your corporate identity. You can choose the colors of your questionnaire and upload your logo.
Individualize with your CI
Save the form and see it appear in the questionnaire part of the dashboard. There you can edit the name and copy the link.
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